What Is .TEL?

.TEL is a new way to distribute your contact information to customers, vendors, friends and family. This new generic top-level domain (gTLD) is like a business card; it aggregates all your contact information (for you or your business) that you want to others to know in a simple, easy-to-remember domain name. All people need to reach you is your .TEL domain. It’s unlike any other domain!

You can securely store and publish any contact-related information you want, such as:

  • Business or personal phone numbers
  • Location with Google maps
  • Business or personal email addresses
  • Corporate or personal Web site links
  • Fax number
  • Social networks profile page such as LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Keywords
  • And much more!

Your .TEL domain comes with a hosted Web site at absolutely no cost to you. It's easy to set up yourself or have an authorized person do it for you. Your .TEL domain also comes with a listing in the Telpage global directory making it easy for your customers and friends to find you.

Unlike traditional domains, .TEL stores your contact information directly in the domain name system (DNS). Because of this, your important contact information is retrieved much faster than other Web sites. Customers can get connected to you with just one click when using their mobile devices, and .TEL is completely integrated with BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile and can be used with any Internet-enabled device. It also has an application for Microsoft Outlook that makes updating quick and simple!

Gone are the days when you need to email all your contacts your new email address or text your new phone number to all your friends. Regardless of the number of times you move or change jobs, all your contacts ever need is your .TEL domain to access your current contact information.

Protect Your Privacy

You have complete control over the information you choose to display and who may access it. .TEL allows for different access levels so your boss, customers, friends and family can all see different contact information — in the way you want it.

Want to see how your .TEL could look? Create your own .TEL.

.TEL is convenient, easy-to-use and secure. Most importantly, because .TEL is new, you can get the domain you truly want! Why wait and let others take the domain you want? Register now!

Contact us today at 1.604.639.1680 or sales@domainpeople.com for more information. Or, click here to learn how your business or you as an individual can benefit from .TEL.