FlexCloud™ Site plans offer advanced features with simple, unlimited Web hosting to create a single Web hosting package perfect for anyone from beginners to power users. Our plans come with free applications that help you do more with your Web hosting plan. These applications include:

Newsletter Broadcast

Email Marketing Tool that helps you quickly and easily create and deploy email marketing campaigns with up to 100 recipients.

Instant Business Broadcast

Gets your website listed in search directories that handle 94% of searches.


Lets you design a professional website in a matter of clicks.


Web Hosting

FlexCloud™ Sites will change the way you think about Web hosting. Delivering unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability using innovative, affordable technology solutions, our cloud hosting plans are designed to grow with your business needs.

Instant Scalability

When your hosting is backed by FlexCloud™, you're tapping the power of a cloud computing infrastructure. By connecting a large network of servers, FlexCloud™ scales processing capacity, disk space and bandwidth up and down on your command. Using many servers instead of a single server protects your site's performance during spikes in traffic for your website or another customer's.

Trusted Security

The FlexCloud™ infrastructure is housed in secure data centers that include redundant power supplies, advanced security technology, data backup and a 99.99% uptime guarantee-all the features and stability you've come to expect from DomainPeople.

No Additional Cost

The best part of FlexCloud™ is that we're offering this innovative infrastructure to hosting customers at no additional cost! To host your website on FlexCloud™, all you have to do is order a new Web hosting plan from DomainPeople.