PartnerDirect API

An Industry-Leading Integrated Domain Solution

Build your own domain registration service with PartnerDirect API. Our PartnerDirect API domain solution uses XML, HTTP, Java, PHP and Perl technology to provide high volume domain name registration resellers with the necessary tools to offer customized solutions for their client base.

If your organization has the people, technology infrastructure and payment processing capabilities to offer domain solutions — this program is for you! When you join our PartnerDirect API you will have access to the following features:

  • Registration services for popular TLDs
  • Real-time verification of domain availability
  • Real-time domain registration
  • Domain renewals
  • Domain transfer
  • Domain registration modification
  • Secured online prepay and depositing
  • Online reporting
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Online reseller interface
  • Domain preregistration

Want to Increase Your Revenue Even More?

Throw these add-ons into your product mix:


Protect your customers' information from hackers, spammers and telemarketers. WhoisProtector replaces customers' name, address and phone number in the public Whois database with our information.

Full Service Account

Get your business up and running quickly! The Full Service Account provides a complete package including a one-page Web site, email forwarding, HTTP and domain forwarding and domain name server (DNS) zone file customization with each domain name.

Domain Name Server Customization

Give your technologically savvy customers control over their DNS settings. They can increase mail server security and choose their domain zone files.

Domain Forwarding

Help your customers leverage all their domain names with domain forwarding. They can increase site traffic by directing their newly registered domain names to existing Web sites.

HTTP Forwarding

Allow visitors to navigate your clients' Web sites with the real URL (not the forwarded domain) of each page displayed in the address bar.

One-Page Web Site

Your customers can crate a customized one-page Web site with text, graphics and several links.

Unlimited Email Forwarding

Let customers point all of their new email addresses to an existing email addresses so they only have to check one inbox.

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