How It Works

Through our ParnterDirect API program, you build your own domain name registration system including customer support and billing to help your clients register domain names. Here's how we help you:

1. Your Customer Submits a Registration Form

Your customer submits a domain name registration, renewal or transfer form on your Web site.

The request is sent to DomainPeople's registry gateway in XML format for processing.

2. DomainPeople Relays the Data to the Registry

DomainPeople's registry gateway immediately relays the data to the Global Registry for processing.

3. The Global Registry Regsiters the Name
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The Global Registry responds to DomainPeople indicating whether registration was successful. DomainPeople immediately sends this information to the reseller in XML format. If successful, DomainPeople also sends a confirmation email to the billing and admin contact for the domain.

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