How Can I Monetize my .TEL Domains?

You might think you can’t make money with your .TEL domain name because you can’t host a Web site under it. But that’s not true! .TEL delivers a world of click-to-purchase opportunities, especially when used with mobile devices. The following list gives you a few ideas on how you can monetize your .TEL domain name:

1. Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

.TEL content is fully structured and published on the domain name server (DNS) rather than the World Wide Web. That makes it easily read and indexed by search engine crawlers, strengthening your presence in search results. This important SEO tool can help drive traffic to your Web site and may result in increased sales.

2. Attract Advertisers with Generic Industry Names

Register a generic name like hotels.TEL, plumbers.TEL, insurance.TEL or locksmiths.TEL, and you can create a revenue-generating directory. Each .TEL domain name may have multiple sub-domains that allow navigation to local providers and specialists who may want to advertise on your site.

3. Collect Micropayments from Mobile Devices

Use your .TEL to offer storefront services and collect micropayments for downloads, products or services. For example: a celebrity fan club site can provide news, chats or downloadable mobile content such as MP3s or ringtones.

4. Incorporate Premium Numbers for Voting and Betting Services

You can use your .TEL to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as SMS voting for a favorite TV reality show (like American Idol) with one-click functionality. Viewers could use the choices under the .TEL to vote for their favorite celebrity.

5. Market to Mobile Users with Vanity Name Numbers

A .TEL domain can follow the same model as vanity name numbers such as 1800-Flowers.TEL, 1800Lawyers.TEL, 1900VoteNow.TEL. Use these names to draw mobile customers with easy-to-remember domain names.

6. Publish a Global Directory Listing at a Reduced Cost

Companies spend thousands of dollars advertising in highly fragmented online directory services. The entries are expensive, restrict the kind of contact information published, do not allow live updating and offer local reach. By contrast, .TEL provides a global online directory giving companies instant worldwide exposure. It aggregates all means of communication; allows unlimited, real-time updating and information management and increases search engine visibility – all without the need to build a Web site and for only the cost of a domain name.

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