.TEL for Businesses

Large or small, any company can benefit from a .TEL. .TEL is about generating leads, increasing customer satisfaction, and simply making it easy for customers to find the right person while shuffling through the many business layers and Web “noise”.

With .TEL, you can:

  • Save Web hosting fees and Web design costs. Hosting is not required as your contact information is stored directly in the DNS. Anyone you designate can easily create your .TEL Web site. Make live changes to your .TEL data anywhere, any time.
  • Gain an effective mobile presence. Provide a fast way for your customers to connect with you in a single click from any mobile device.
  • Increase your search engine visibility by optimizing your .TEL Web site through built-in multilingual keywords.
  • Integrate .TEL with your existing Web site.
  • Use special add-on features for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Serves as your global directory. Customers can easily navigate through your .TEL to find global locations or find the right number to connect to you.
  • Change your .TEL display, and set how you want to be reached during and outside of business hours. By making instantaneous updates, you can specify how you want to be reached around the clock, no matter where you travel.
  • Generate leads by integrating all your means of communication into a central easy-to-remember and easy-to-find .TEL domain.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by making your business easy to reach. A .TEL domain is easier to navigate than other HTML or Flash Web sites. From a mobile device perspective, this saves waiting both waiting time and data costs for your customer.
  • Provides you with the privacy you need to create an intercompany directory. Your customers will see the contact information you want them to see, while securing company official’s contacts for internal-only viewing.
  • All .TEL domains come with a listing in the global Telpage directory created specifically for .TEL domains. It makes it easy to locate your .TEL domain.
  • Your customers never have to update their information about you. Whether you change locations, have a new phone or email address, all they ever need is your .TEL domain to find your most updated information.
  • Create a single page, or route visitors to the correct department through a series of selections. You can organize your information by location or department, and you can set privacy settings to establish an internal directory for staff.

One of the advantages of .TEL is that most of the good names are still available. Because it's a new extension, you are likely to get the domain you truly want, making it much easier for your customers to remember. It beats remembering phone numbers!

More and more customers search for companies directly in the URL tool bar (where you normally enter in domain names). Whether it be your company or brand name, or a keyword related to your product or service, you can secure this easy to find domain by registering now!

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