.TEL for Individuals

Keep in Touch with a .TEL Domain Name!

Keep the lines of communication open with your friends, family and professional contacts with your .TEL listing. Whether you move, change jobs or switch phone numbers, you can instantly provide everyone the most up-to-date contact information with a .TEL domain. All anyone ever needs to find you is your .TEL domain. Plus, your privacy will never be in jeopardy—you set access levels for different visitors.

With .TEL, you can:

  • Save Web hosting and design fees. Hosting is not required and set up is easy as 1-2-3.
  • Update information in seconds.
  • .TEL can be accessed from any Web browser and any mobile device. Special add-on features for BlackBerry, iPhone, Window Mobile and Outlook, make updates quick and easy.
  • Unique keywords let you be picked up by major search engines and Telpages' global directory so friends can easily find you.
  • Keep all information in one easy-to-remember place. You can store any contact information — your mobile phone number, email address, work contact information, LinkedIn, Facebook, photo sharing sites and so much more!
  • Show how and where you want to be contacted by day and night. Updates are instantaneous.
  • On a business trip or vacation and only want to be reached at a certain number? Your friends find the best number to reach you at through your .TEL domain.
  • You can set different access levels and show different contact information to your friends, family and boss.

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