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DomainPeople Launches Online Service to Keep Users Up-to-Date on New Global Top Level Domains
11 Mar, 2013


DomainPeople Now Offers Hosted Microsoft Exchange
17 Dec, 2012


DomainPeople Offers Discounted Top-Level .PRO Domain Names for Business Professionals Establishing a Unique Online Presence
22 Nov, 2011

DomainPeople Launches Secure Web Hosting and New Website to Complete Web Services for Individual and Business Customers
20 Sep, 2011


DomainPeople Announces Successful Migration to New .CA Registry System
13 Oct, 2010

DomainPeople Announces Launch of New .CO Domain Registration Services
20 Jul, 2010


DomainPeople is Now Accepting .Tel Registrations Under the General Registration Period
25 Mar, 2009

DomainPeople Accepts Preregistrations for .Tel Landrush Phase
07 Jan, 2009


DomainPeople Lets Trademark Owners Register Their .Tel Domain Name Early
11 Nov, 2008

DomainPeople Celebrates Availability of .Pro Top Level Domains with Limited Time Discount
10 Sep, 2008

DomainPeople Launches 'The .Pro Red Carpet VIP Affair' Domain Reservation Period
08 Aug, 2008

DomainPeople Aggressively Promotes .Asia Domain Names with 3% Cash Back Incentive
07 Jun, 2008

DomainPeople Launches Redesigned Website
07 Feb, 2008


DomainPeople Announces Preregistration for .Asia Domain Names
13 Sep, 2007

DomainPeople Launches Redesigned Website
07 Jun, 2007


Canadian Domain Name Registrar, DomainPeople, Offers a .MOBI Compliant 6-Page Website Builder
11 Oct, 2006

.INFO - the first unrestricted top-level domain since .COM
01 Aug, 2006

DomainPeople Starts to Offer .MOBI Registration Services for Mobile Websites
12 Jun, 2006

DomainPeople, Inc. selects as Strategic Partner
10 Apr, 2006


DomainPeople Starts to Offer .EU Registration Services
07 Dec, 2005

DomainPeople Starts to Offer Private Registration Services
31 Jan, 2005


Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants Hit the Net
23 Sep, 2004

DomainPeople Starts to Offer Second-level .NAME Registration Services
14 Jan, 2004

2003 Reorganizes From Independent Domain Name Marketplace to Registrar Network Model
20 Jun, 2003


DomainPeople to Power Domain Name Registration for Sympatico-Lycos
24 Jan 2002


DomainPeople Launches Customized Domain Registration System
30 Nov, 2001

DomainPeople Starts to Offer .BIZ Registration Services
07 Nov, 2001

DomainPeople Signs Agreement with Dominion Information Services
14 Jun, 2001

DomainPeople Starts to Offer .INFO pre-registration Services
07 Jun, 2001


DomainPeople Selected To Register .CA Domains
23 Oct, 2000

DomainPeople Is Founding Member Of International Consortium Looking To Create New Internet Domain Names
04 Oct, 2000

DomainPeople Rolls Out New Reseller Program to Expand Global Marketing Channel
03 Aug, 2000


1999 Ready to Compete
12 Dec, 1999

DomainPeople Successfully Completes .com/.net/.org Registry Accreditation
03 Dec, 1999

DomainPeople Selected as Official Internet Domain Name Registrar
26 May, 1999

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