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With more than half of our new accounts coming from referrals, it's no surprise that our customers have good things to say about us.

In a world where online automated and impersonal web-services appear to reign supreme, DomainPeople's support surpasses that of their competitors in their personable service-oriented approach. When FIERCE® purchased a single domain valued in excess of US$100k, it was a great relief to be assigned a dedicated and real-life Account Manager from DomainPeople's friendly, trustworthy and highly capable team to manage the transaction and registration. FIERCE® maintains a portfolio of high-profile and valuable domains, and we have used a wide variety of international domain registrars over the last 10 years with varying levels of satisfaction. However, I was so impressed with DomainPeople's responsiveness, service and pricing that I transferred FIERCE®'s entire international domain portfolio to DomainPeople. I have never regretted that decision.

Grant Lawrence
Managing Director
FIERCE®, New Zealand

As a Real Estate Broker, and someone with several other projects on the go, I have a regular inventory of almost a hundred domains. I have them all registered with DomainPeople, and have had for almost a decade. As a company, they provide good and quick service, and ample information about topics I don't always have the time to investigate on my own.

But where they really shine is with customer service. I have been dealing with my dedicated account rep. for years, and he always makes time to keep my new registrations, and especially renewals, up to date-even when I have waited 'til the last minute to get things done. I know that I can always count on him to take care of domain registration issues, so I don't have to. I can take care of my business, and my projects, and DomainPeople, will take care of my domains.

Barry D. Briggs
Real Estate Broker
Sutton Group-Classic Realty Inc.

DomainPeople has been maintaining and registering domains for us for the past 5 yrs. We have more than 2000 domains registered through them. The customer care and technical support received is unparalleled. Whenever there have been any issues the Technical Support people have helped us resolve them and have provided constant update on the status of all issues till resolution.

Ashish Kapoor

I have dealt with DomainPeople since 2005, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of domain name services. Their work has been a major factor in our website's success, helping it to become one of the most visited cruise website of its kind on the internet. Our account representative and the domain support staff have been outstanding with their support and have always responded with urgency.

I can confidently recommend DomainPeople as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.

Taz Waliany
Sr. Webmaster

I started as a domaining hobbyist, in 1999, with a registrar who was subsequently purchased by DomainPeople.com. Shortly, thereafter I became a DomainPeople partner due to the volume of names I was registering. I have now done business with DomainPeople for more than 10 years because I can always get a real person, by phone or email when I have a question. In addition, I know my names are secure with DomainPeople and I appreciate the ability to post a one page website for any domain name I own.

Carl Edgar Law
Retired Journalist/Editor

I am a businessman with several small diverse businesses around the world and I stumbled onto DomainPeople about ten or so years ago - thank goodness! I have found DomainPeople to be most helpful and extremely efficient, available for help and support at all times and with good pricing on top of that. They seem to really care and value me as a customer, even though I am clearly the smallest of clients. Nothing is too much trouble and they simply get on and help me with my questions - it is a delight to have personal service. I can't fault them and can't imagine finding anyone else that would help me and look after me as well as they do. I wholeheartedly recommend DomainPeople for your domain names registration and management.

Kim McKenzie

Our favorite thing about DomainPeople is their personal touch to enquiries and questions. Our account manager has been exceptional in working with us to quickly provide answers to our questions and make us look good to our clients.

Darren Fraser
Jammicron Technology Corp.

We chose DomainPeople to manage our 200 Real Estate Agent Domain names for past 10 years. The services they offer at economical prices are second to none. We can maintain group lists and manage our groups from one simple log-in. Domain people also offers many services-- while other companies may charge for domain forwarding, and other such services, DomainPeople includes these services in the Domain registration fee. The customer service department is number one! They are always there to help with any question regarding domain name transfers into the group etc. And renewals are a breeze.

In all the years we have used DomainPeople to register and manage our domain names we have enjoyed a trouble free relationship with them. Keep up the Good Work DomainPeople!

Jayne Surges
Special Projects Coordinator
RE/MAX Realty 100

We have been a satisfied Client of DomainPeople for about ten years during which we have Registered and/or Renewed several thousand Internet domain names through them.

Our Account Manager has always been willing to go the extra mile to provide needed services and/or resolve problems arising during the course of our business, which is the creation and marketing of TopLevelDomain names.

We have worked with a number of Registrars and have found DomainPeople to be first class and highly professional in every way. We are pleased to recommend them to other Internet businesses.

Sephen A. Brennen

Before switching to DomainPeople I had tried several registrars with mixed results. Some had reasonable pricing but horrible service. Others had higher pricing but decent service. With DomainPeople I have the best of both. I have been using them for close to 10 years. I find their prices very competitive and their customer service excellent. Their interface is intuitive and very user friendly. And if I can't figure something out I can actually speak to a real live person!

Nancy Gold
Insurance Agent

DomainPeople have provided us with the tools necessary to effectively resell domains to our clients. Our dedicated account rep has been extremely helpful in quickly resolving any problems, questions, or inquiries that we have from time-to-time. When the need arises to call technical support, our calls are addressed quickly and very rarely is there a need to call back a second time. DomainPeople provide us with all the right tools to service our domain registration needs - bulk processing, detailed reporting, server access API's, marketing tools, and more. We appreciate working with DomainPeople & highly recommend them over other registrars!

Lars Muller
Muller Systems Corporation

We've been a very satisfied domain reseller with DomainPeople for well over 5 years now. Our account manager is always available and responds to any of our questions and requests prompty and to satisfaction. I highly recommend DomainPeople.

Ivan Svetic
D.J.'s Micro-Info Inc

March 2012 Tell Us About Your .CA Contest Winners

1st place winner of an Apple iPad:

Domain: imti.ca

WWW.IMIT.ca has been a critical tool in helping Canadian families with autistic children find the help they need. Parents of a young child newly diagnosed with autism immediately go on line and are overwhelmed with over 26 Million links for autism treatment! Many of these are .coms that represent U.S.-based treatment centers and support groups. By using ".ca" , Canadian-, and in particular Ontario-based families, immediately recognize a critical piece of information - we're in Canada and we're close enough to help them! At the same time, ".ca" doesn't put any restrictions on our reach; parents and professionals have contacted us online from as far away as New Zealand, Mexico, Dubai, and Israel.

The Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention program, founded and directed by Jonathan Alderson, Ed.M., has helped many children grow in remarkable ways and to reach their full potential. Thankfully, www.IMTI.ca helped these special families find the right support when they most needed it.

Jonathan Alderson

2nd place winner of 1 yr. Cloudhost PowerPack and 10 year .ca registration:

Domain: thevirtualwriter.ca

I am Canada's Virtual Writer, and my domain name states that clearly. Because my business is trademarked in Canada, my .ca domain registration tells clients instantly that this is a Canadian business. That's critical, because "the virtual writer" is used by other entities on the web, so a .ca distinguishes me from the other sites. It's imperative that potential clients know they're on a Canadian site and dealing with a Canadian business.

I purchased my .ca domain about ten years ago when I launched my e-based communications business. It may be hard to believe now, but in 2002 the idea of a virtual writer was still a strange concept. Now, working in virtual teams across the continent or half a world away is so commonplace that no one questions what I do anymore.

Back in 2002, however, it was a different story, and I was even advised to choose a .com address, because, as it was explained to me, "The .ca could work to my disadvantage."

My business survival and success is proof positive that quite the opposite is true. I am glad that I followed my own instincts and chose a .ca ten years ago. When global clients in search of a writer or an editor see that .ca address, they know that they are hiring a Canadian writer/editor who can switch effortlessly between American, British or Canadian English, because Canadian editors have that versatility. The .ca is their guarantee that they'll benefit from Canadian know-how, courtesy and integrity.

It's been an astonishing ten-year ride! And I am so proud of what I have achieved and proud to be doing it all from Canada.

Victoria White

3rd place winner of 6 month Cloudhost PowerPack and 5 year .ca registration:

Domain: rickking.ca

When I was in between careers, I was constantly looking for ways to differentiate myself from other job seekers. After networking with someone that used and recommended your services, I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my skills and work experience.

After I logged on to your website, I was delighted to find the rickking.ca was an available domain name. This allowed me to claim my name while showcasing that I was Canadian. Your site made it very easy for me to sign up, register my domain name and pay for your services.

After I signed up, I took advantage of the one page business card application. It was easy to load my resume details as well as import clip art. I now had a 24 hour web based resume assisting me with my job search.

Once I was set up, I included my new domain name on my business cards, my resume and my LINKIN profile. This not only allowed easy access to my resume but also helped differentiate me from others looking for career opportunities.

Shortly after launching my new website I was able to land a great opportunity and even though I am currently employed, I have signed up for another two years!

Rick King

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