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What is a RegistryPro professional certificate?

A RegistryPro professional certificate is a sophisticated personal digital certificate which can be issued to professionals who have self-certified their professional status, as well as going through an Authentication and a Verification process. RegistryPro provides this type of certificate with third-level .pro domains. Please note that RegistryPro professional certificates are not available with second-level .pro domains.


  • Applicant: The individual licensed professional that is applying for the digital certificate who is, or is employed by, the Registrant registering the domain name.
  • Registrant: The entity that will be holding the domain, or the prospective domain holder. Refers to either the professional himself or herself, or an entire professional organization.
  • Qualifying professional: Organizations registering a .pro domain name must have an individual licensed professional who meets the requi rements for the domain name, and is able to certify the eligibility of the organization. This individual is the Qualifying Professional.
  • Certificate subject: The individual associated with the digital certificate's cryptographic key. They must have successfully completed the A/V check in order to become the certificate subject.

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What is an A/V check?

This is a process completed by RegistryPro in order to verify the professional's license and authenticate their personal information. This is done to confirm the professional does meet the requirements of becoming a .pro digital certificate holder and the registrant of a .pro domain.

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What are some of the business rules applied with Professional Certificates?

RegistryPro Professional Certificates are issued at the time of a .pro domain name registration. Successful completion of the A/V check also qualifies the individual to receive a RegistryPro professional certificate account. One account can be opened for every successful A/V check. This account is only available to either the registrant or the qualifying professional. Only one original certificate, and up to two replacement certificates will be issued per year without additional charges. For each certificate, only one email address can be used. Any changes to email address require that a new certificate be issued, as stated above, only two replacement certificates will be issued per year without additional charge. The RegistryPro digital certificate is independent of any domain names that the certified individual may have registered in their name. The only time an associated domain name will be identified is if it is part of the professional's listed email contact. A confirmation receipt will be sent to the listed email contact in order to verify the accuracy of the contact information provided. Upon completion of the A/V check, the certificate must be issued within 30 days. If it is not, the certificate account cannot be opened, should an account be opened, it will be automatically closed.

If a .pro registrant submits their personal and professional criteria to the Registry does not pass their authentication process, they will not be given another attempt to correct the information. Please Note: The Registry will allow only one (1) attempt to enter correct professional information. If the registrant fails the authentication, the domain will be revoked with no refund awarded. Subsequent A/V checks can be ordered for an additional cost of $125.

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How is the subject identified?

An A/V check is processed, and if the subject's check is successful, and they meet the specified requirements they are given a certificate account and are able to issue certificates that identify them as the certified subject. The certificate has a unique serial number, which can be used to identify the subject's certificate account. The account is associated with the information obtained during an A/V check.

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What are the different uses of a RegistryPro Professional Certificate, and what types of applications can I use?

The digital certificates can be used to encrypt messages, verification of a digital signature, email non-repudiation, and other possible applications. With a digital certificate the public key can be used to send private messages to the subject, messages sent will show any signs of tampering that may have occurred, authentication checks are performed on those who send messages, the presence of digital signature can be used to commit the subject to agreement with a legal document, and the private key associated with the certificate may be used to serve as authorization for admittance to particular secure internet sites and servers.

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What exactly does the process of setting up and managing a Certificate account involve?

First the certificate account must be created. Registering a .pro domain name, will involve authentication of personal data and verification professional information by RegistryPro. After the domain name is activated, the subject will be prompted to set up an account.

The account can be accessed by following a link provided through an E-mail sent after the registration of the domain. The E-mail will contain a user ID and password that must be used to gain access to the site, and any information sent will be sent over a secure connection. Changes to the Certificate Account information must be made by logging into the account with the user ID and password. Professionals must submit a request to obtain any additional issuances of digital certificates. The certificate can be revoked by RegistryPro, or as per request of the subject at any time for a number of reasons. The certificate can then be reissued using the same policies and procedures as the original.

New A/V checks must be done for every account renewal. All certificates must be revoked before the account can be closed, and the account may be closed at anytime following its setup.

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What are the charges involved with certificate accounts?

The initial fee covers the cost of domain registration, creation of certificate accounts with one original certificate issuance and two replacement certificates. There are no refunds.

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How do I confirm if my certificate has been revoked?

All certificates that have been revoked before the expiration date are listed on the Certificate Revocation List on the web that can be visited at a link provided on the certificate itself.

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