Protect Your Domains from Unauthorized Changes!

You've built equity in your domain name—don't risk losing it. Your domain name is part of your online identity, so you need to protect it in the same way you do all your other brand assets. DomainPeople's DomainGuard helps protect against malicious or accidental changes to your domain information by requiring that modifications to critical settings are authenticated with a special DomainGuard password.

Order DomainGuard for just $4.95/year, and we'll send you a special password. Anytime someone attempts to make changes to your domain name's critical features, they'll be prompted to enter that password before changes are allowed. Keep this password secret, and you can protect yourself from domain name thieves and accidental changes to your settings.

For only $4.95/year, DomainGuard protects these features:

  • DNS Settings
  • Nameserver Changes
  • URL Forwarding Settings
  • Whois Contact Information
  • Whois Protector Settings
  • Domain Name Aliases

Why worry about changes to your domains? Get DomainGuard and put your mind at ease.

How Do I Get It?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions on our DomainGuard FAQ page.