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Technology advances rapidly, and the workplace has had to adapt just as quickly to keep up with innovation. Don't get left behind. Supply your employees with Microsoft Exchange for mobile phones. Using DomainPeople's Mobile Microsoft Exchange will increase your company's productivity, supplying your workers with a simple way to stay constantly connected with important contacts, calendars, and information.

BlackBerry Enterprise

BlackBerry phones are an integral part of daily business for many professionals. Microsoft Exchange Management Services from DomainPeople allow you to maintain key BlackBerry features, including advanced security capabilities, while utilizing DomainPeople's high-availability web hosting.


  • Advanced Email
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Up-to-date calendar
  • Integrated contacts
  • Remote file and intranet access
  • Runs on an existing mail server
  • Proven security


Monthly Fee: $9.95/device
Setup (per device): Free Limited Time Only!


  • Hosted Exchange Mailbox
  • BES-enabled data plan from wireless carrier
  • BlackBerry device

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Activesync - iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile

Both Android and iOS-powered phones use Microsoft's ActiveSync to update data on your mobile device. After you sync your information, you can use DomainPeople's Hosted Exchange Platform to seamlessly access all of your critical data.


  • Hosted Exchange Mailbox
  • Data Plan from wireless provider
  • ActiveSync enabled device (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)


Montly Fee: Free
Setup (per device): Free


Workplaces are now packed with people using Apple's iPhone for work-related tasks. We now offer DomainPeople's Hosted Exchange Platform for iPhones. Access your email, calendar, and contacts on the go, connect to enterprise systems and sync with Microsoft Exchange. DomainPeople's Mobile Microsoft Exchange offers the following features:

  • Push email, calendar, and contacts
  • Global Address List (GAL) Support
  • Secure access to corporate resources


The Android Operating System, featured on many phones, provides yet another mechanism with which you can incorporate DomainPeople's Mobile Microsoft Exchange. Android-powered phones get the same great benefits from DomainPeople's Mobile Microsoft Exchange:

  • Email, calendar, contacts, and tasks accessibility
  • Proven security using SSL connection
  • Support for HTML messages

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