Email Archiving & Retention

With the majority of modern-day corporate communications being conducted electronically, Email is under more and more scrutiny. Much of this attention is on regulated businesses such as financial services and healthcare. However, messaging compliance affects virtually every type and size of company. Whether you want to lower storage costs, address compliance issues, or meet timetables for legal discovery, integrated email archiving, retention, and discovery features in Microsoft Exchange 2010 can give your business an effective email retention and archiving strategy.



Emails in the primary mailbox can be stored away automatically in an online archive through various policies. You can easily create separate storage rules for less frequently accessed email.

  • Account holders can easily access their own email archives from their inbox.
  • Automatic online archiving eliminates local data storage, freeing space and increasing performance.
  • No time or disk space limitations for archives.

A familiar experience with Personal Archive appearing in Outlook Web App

Compliance tasks such as multi-mailbox search, legal hold as well as transport and journal rules can be delegated to authorized users through a simple, web-based control panel.


Exchange’s Legal Hold feature allows the preservation of a user’s edited and deleted mailbox items (email, appointments, tasks, etc.).

  • Easily search multiple end-user mailboxes at the same time.
  • Compliance officers and administrators have specific rights to perform multi-mailbox searches and other role-specific tasks.
  • Monitor email to better address HR policies and other internal mandates.
  • Up to a seven-year retention period

Archiving and Retention Simplified

Seeking better ways to preserve and locate the critical business communications that your company has conducted over email? Because Exchange 2010 operates within a user interface that many people are already familiar with, you can ease the transition to a compliance-friendly system for users and administrators alike.

  • Deliver a seamless experience without disrupting your users’ email workflow.
  • Get multiple functions in one program, cutting costs and lowering overhead.
  • Flexible Archiving & Retention functions can be set on individual mailboxes or across the enterprise.

Whether you’re looking to lower storage expenses, address compliance issues, or meet timetables for legal discovery orders, the integrated email archiving, retention, and discovery features in Exchange 2010 address a wide range of compliance scenarios.


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