Compliant-Ready Upgrade

Guard Your Email and Your Business

Security breaches are costly. Beyond any stolen data, you must also consider lost productivity and the potential of lost customers. If you aren't meeting compliance regulations and demonstrating preparedness for attacks, you could face serious fines.

Our Compliant-Ready Package for Microsoft Hosted Exchange greatly reduces the risks you face in the event of a breach or  regulatory audit.

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The Compliant-Ready upgrade includes:


  • Compliant Archiving & Retention

    Safely preserve and find critical business communications conducted over email, while maintaining compliance. Also available as a single add-on for all mailboxes.

  • Advanced Email Encryption

    Enforce email encryption right at the desktop, reducing the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended recipient. Also available as a single add-on for all mailboxes.

  • Active Directory Synchronization

    Create, modify or delete Exchange mailboxes, user permissions and other important employee data from a single point, reducing compliance concerns caused by user error.

Price: $4.00/mo
Over standard hosted Exchange package

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Single Add-Ons vs. Complete Compliant-Ready Package: A Price Comparison

Plan Price
Email Archiving & Retention only $3.00/mo

Email Encryption only


Total for Archiving & Retention and Encryption


Save with…
Complete Compliant-Ready Upgrade Package (Email Archiving & Retention, Email Encryption, Active Directory Synchronization)

Only $4.00/mo